Indestructible Dirt King Dually Tricycle (Many Colors Available)

$319.00 USD

With one large wheel in the front and 4 smaller ones in the back, our heavy-duty Dirt King Dually Tricycle is ready for any terrain. Mud, grass, gravel, snow? No problem! These five pneumatic tires are mounted on 5/8 inch ball bearings. The body of the trike is hand-welded and constructed of 14 and 16 gauge steel. An adjustable seat and tiltin...
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Curvy Board - Waldorf Wooden Rocker Board

$139.95 USD

For exciting and imaginative open-ended play, try our new Wooden Curvy Board. Popular in Waldorf classrooms, this unique toy not only promotes extensive imaginative play, but has a multitude of developmental benefits that hone balance skills, develop a child's awareness of his or her physical body, and stimulate the vestibular system.  Great fo...
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Labyrinth Junior Balance Board

$63.95 USD

Challenging yet fun, our Labyrinth Junior Balance Board is perfect for little ones not quite ready for our original Labyrinth Balance Board. With a smaller footprint, fewer rings, and larger marbles, this pint-sized version allows children from 3 to 5 years old to maneuver several marbles through the grooved maze. Start by moving one marble from...
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Labyrinth Balance Board, Sprint!

$79.00 USD

This new balance board by Challenge & Fun is both durable and fun.  Children maneuver the stainless steel marbles through the maze.  This open ended game has many ways to play.  Focus on one marble, or try to move all 3.  Compete against another player, or against the clock.  Before you know it the children have had so much fun they don't ev...
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Labyrinth Balance Board, Classic

$83.75 USD

The original Labyrinth Balance Board is a favorite for children, teenagers, and adults. While kids move the wooden marbles (included) through the maze, they will develop coordination, strength, balance, and focus, without realizing it. This open-ended game has many ways to play.  Children will have so much fun they won't even be aware of the bal...
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