Creanimaux Blocks

$65.95 USD

Designed by the wonderfully talented artists at the Parisian toy company Djeco, Creanimaux offers an imaginative step in children's blocks. Fifty-two vibrantly colored wooden pieces can be used to assemble a tier, lion, hippopotamus, rooster, zebra, elephant, giraffe, crocodile, rhinoceros, or bear. Mix them up, think out of the box, and create ...
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My Friends Nested Stacking Blocks

$17.95 USD

Ten beautifully illustrated stacking nesting cubes stack tall to create a tower of fun! Little ones will discover the joys of counting and animals as they stack. This nesting block set is made of sturdy, laminated cardboard stock that is designed to last. This nesting block set encourages the use of gross motor skills as your little one stacks h...
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