Magical Dresses Stamp Set

$23.95 USD

Help design spectacular ball gowns for beautiful young princesses with this fun and original stamp set. The set comes with 20 pictures of princesses in simple, unadorned gowns, 14 stamp designs and 3 ink pads in red, gold and purple, which can be used to decorate the gowns in unique patterns and colors. Stamping can be more than just flat shapes of hearts and flowers, it can be an expression of stories and wild imaginations. The charming and unique images on these stamps seem to hold a secret story, just begging to be told. Will you be the one to tell it? Created in Paris by Elodie Nouhen for Djeco, for the artist in us all.

  • Recommended For Kids 6 Years And Older
  • Designed In Paris, France By The Wonderfully Talented Team At Djeco
  • Made in China