Kaleidoscopic Blocks

$44.95 USD

Open a world of wonder for your child with kaleidoscopic blocks in a medley of vibrant colors. Each block is made of solid, durable beech wood harvested from PEFC-certified sustainable forests in Germany, and filled with a plastic bubble kaleidoscope screen for color and reflective effect. Makes a perfect addition to any basic building block sys...
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Ball Track Construction Marble Run Set

$109.95 USD

There's very little that's more fun for a creative child than building her own ball track and savoring the excitement as the marbles roll down the path she's planned. Give your pint-sized adventurer the gift of marble-chasing magic with this inventive Ball Track Construction Marble Run Set from Haba. Made of natural, untreated beech wood, this 4...
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Half Dozen Eggs

$9.95 USD

Inspire your child's culinary creativity by surprising her with a set of Half Dozen Eggs. The six wooden eggs add versatility to her play kitchen activities -- she can imagine cracking them open as she bakes a cake, makes breakfast for her doll friends, or she can hide them for an egg hunt. Math skills will be improved as she counts each egg or ...
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Veggies With Shopping Net

$23.95 USD

Encourage healthy eating and culinary creativity by adding the Shopping Net with Vegetables to your child's play food set. Collection includes two carrots, one radish, two tomatoes, two mushrooms, and two peppers. The cloth net has two handles for easy carrying to and from the play grocery store. An opening at the top of the net makes it easy to...
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Springtime Butterflies Maxi Tack Zap

$45.95 USD

Our Springtime Butterflies Maxi Tack Zap is a large set, perfect for creating just about any butterfly, caterpillar or bizarre springtime critter your child can imagine. With 77 pieces of hard wood spring-themed geometric shapes, a durable cork board, wooden hammer and tacks, its is fun and easy to create anything your mind can dream up. This to...
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Russian World Architecture Blocks

$44.95 USD

Inspire your little one to create marvels of construction with this elegant building block set in the Russian style. Based on the temples and palaces of the Czars, this dramatic architecture set can be an entry to teaching your child about world cultures, or simply to exploring and playing together with the domes and arches. Your child will be c...
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Dancing Eggs Game

$19.95 USD

You've heard of jumping beans, but what about dancing eggs? Children ages 5 and up will love this fun, active game, where the goal is to keep hold of your egg - with your elbow, your armpit, or between your knees - and run around the table. Beware of egg thieves, and remember not to go too slow or you might get caught! An energetic game for acti...
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Fruit With Shopping Net

$23.95 USD $21.56 USD

Add a splash of color to your child's play food collection with the Fruit with Shopping Net to her play food collection. Set includes two apples, three pears, two strawberries, and three plums that are easily removable from the cloth net. Equipped with two handles, the net makes it easy to transport the fruit. Math skills will be enhanced as you...
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Ball Track Ringing Track

$34.95 USD

Ready to create sound and music as the marbles run through your latest ball track invention? Children will delight to the sound of our Ball Track Ringing Track from Haba, which sounds a tone as marbles race through the steps of the track. It's equipped with two chimes that each marble strikes multiple times for a clear, ringing tune.  Recomme...
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Medieval Castle World Architecture Blocks

$49.95 USD

Introduce your child to a world of magic with the Medieval Castle World Architecture Blocks, and he'll build a world filled with knights, dragons, and princesses. Architecturally designed in the style of a European castle in the Middle Age, the set comes with 110 wooden blocks in 21 different shapes. Instructions are not necessary, leaving the t...
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Domino Set (Large)

$74.95 USD

Our incredible Domino Set (Large) makes for a wonderful gift for kids ages three to ten years. Sixty-one dominoes can be configured in endless combinations and fun accessories included in the set add excitement to the domino path. Eight untreated wood blocks allow your little one to add ramps, see-saws, and tunnels along with the six marbles. We...
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Ball Track Sound Staircase

$59.95 USD

Remember the xylophone, that fun, delicate musical instrument where each bar struck a different note? Add that same colorful music to your child's ball track set with our Haba Ball Track Sound Staircase, a 5-note xylophone designed in a stair formation for marbles to roll down. As each marble tumbles onto a step, it strikes a cheerful sound from...
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Ball Track Magnetic Stairs

$69.95 USD

Inspire your child's creativity with our Haba Ball Track Magnetic Stairs accessory set. He'll be able to create his own obstacle course for the marbles with magnetic bars, tunnels, and arches to redirect the ball -- and change and rearrange it at whim. Endless fun is possible with this adventurous ball track addition! Recommended for children...
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Castle Blocks

$82.50 USD

Transport your child back to Medieval times or into her favorite fairy tale with this dramatic block set. The Castle Blocks package includes blocks, towers, bridges, battlements, and two fabric flags to decorate your very own castle walls. Whether your child combines these with another building set or uses them on his own to build a home for dol...
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Ball Track Whirlwind

$64.95 USD

Watch out for our Ball Track Whirlwind by Haba! This spiraling funnel lends action and suspense to your child's ball track by making marbles spin round and round the yellow dish until they finally reach the hole at the center. A perfect addition to the Haba Ball Track Construction Set, this set comes equipped with 2 ordinary tracks, 4 pillars to...
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Domino Race

$79.95 USD

It's a race to the finish with the 240-piece Domino Race game. The dominoes come in a variety of vivid colors and include animal-shaped pieces for added fun. Grace and skill are required to set each of the dominoes up just right next to each other, so they fall over in sequence when the first domino is tipped over. Use your imagination to create...
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