Hape Push & Pull Toys

Hape Push & Pull Toys
Hape push & pull toys make wonderful gifts for beginner crawlers, walkers and toddlers. Start with push toys to encourage crawling and pushing forward. We love the Little Dump Truck Blue and the Little School Bus as first push toys. Graduate on to more complex toys such as the Giraffe Push & Pull Toy. Crawlers can either push the sweet giraffe around the house or pull him by the string. The Wonder Walker is a sturdy, toy that encourages walking and will be cherished for many years to tote around precious belongings. Once walking, toddlers love showing off their newly acquired walking skills with "handled" push toys such as our Lawnmower Push Toy which also makes fun sounds for more advanced walkers.
Hape Mini Block & Roll Wagon
Mini Block & Roll Wagon
$19.95 USD
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