Hape Puzzles

Hape PuzzlesHape puzzles are a great addition to a young child's repertoire of toys. For the youngest puzzlers (12 months and up), we recommend the three-piece knob puzzles that depict simple, familiar images and have pieces that are easy to remove and put back. As the child grows and becomes more comfortable with completing puzzles (2 years and up), you will want to move on up to the peg puzzles which will provide a bit more challenge. With up to ten pieces and smaller pegs on each piece, your child will continue to hone hand-eye coordination. Finally, a must-have item for any child is the beautiful Hape Bright Alphabet Puzzle. Made of wood, we love this set for it's versatility and clarity. The letters can stand up on their own to spell simple words, and they fit neatly into the cut-outs on the wooden board.
My Toys Knob Puzzle
My Toys Knob Puzzle $9.95 USD
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Wild Animals Peg Puzzle
Wild Animals Peg Puzzle $9.95 USD
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Farm Animals Peg Puzzle
Farm Animals Peg Puzzle $9.95 USD
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My Pets Knob Puzzle
My Pets Knob Puzzle $9.95 USD
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Emergency Vehicles Peg Puzzle
Emergency Vehicles Peg Puzzle $9.95 USD
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