Musical Toy Instruments

Find your beat! Expose your child to beats, patterns, and rhythm with our line of musical toy instruments. Our colorful wooden instruments for children are built to last and encourage mental development. Find children's musical toys such as tambourines, xylophones, drums and more from Plan Toys, Hape, and Haba!


Plan Toys Clatter
Clatter $19.95 USD
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Hape Little Drummer
Little Drummer $19.95 USD
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Hape Mr. Tambourine
Mr. Tambourine $19.95 USD
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Plan Toys Oval Xylophone
Oval Xylophone $24.95 USD
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Hape Pound and Tap Xylophone
Pound and Tap Bench Xylophone $29.95 USD
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Plan Toys Solid Drum
Solid Drum $24.95 USD
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