Eco-Finger Paint

$19.95 USD

Nothing is more appealing to little hands than dipping them in our Eco-Finger Paint by Eco-Kids. Handmade in small batches here in Maine using all natural plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts, This set includes five 4-oz. packets of concentrated powder that will make more than 60 oz. of finger paint in five colors. Colors look pale before mixin...
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Deluxe Wooden Easel (Multiple Styles Available)

$90.00 USD

Customize your own beautiful, natural maple wood Deluxe Wooden Easel. Choose wooden art trays or red plastic trays for paints, markers, crayons, and more!. Then, for each side of the easel, select green chalkboard, white marker board, or white magnetic board art surfaces for twice the fun! The paper roll is mounted on top which allows for easy ...
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