Biofino Hamburger and Fries

$14.95 USD

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Forget the drive-thru and head straight to your child's play room for an order of Hamburger and French Fries. He'll satisfy your fun cravings by serving up a burger that has a variety of toppings, so you can decide if you want two patties or one, cheese, tomato, and even lettuce. The French fries comes in a cardboard container, just like at a real restaurant. You, your child, and her friends will have a great time playing restaurant, and the resilient fabric materials stand up to dozens of pretend meals.

  • Recommended For Kids 3 Years And Older
  • Features a magnetic bun
  • Includes 1 sesame bun, 2 hamburger patties, 1 cheese slice, 1 lettuce leaf, 1 tomato slice, and 1 serving of French fries
  • Lovingly Designed In Germany By Our Talented Friends At Haba
  • Made in China