Colori Stacking Ball

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Winner of Creative Child's 2008 Toy of the Year award, this stacking, rolling ball is filled with vibrant colors and interactive fun. The ball is separated into four squishy pieces which slide together on a soft, fabric rod. Some pieces are lined with rustling foil or contain a rattle for a bit of noisy interest; all are luxuriously soft and fuzzy. Great for developing those fine motor skills, or for simply tossing around the room. We love the unique and detailed design of each piece, making the ball almost a piece of art. This baby toy is machine washable and was designed by Haba.

  • Recommended For Babies And Toddlers 10 Months And Older
  • Machine washable
  • Made of cotton and polyester, terry-velvet, and foam
  • Lovingly Designed In Germany By Our Talented Friends At Haba
  • Made in China