Middle Eastern World Architecture Blocks

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Invite your child on an exciting journey to the Middle East with this fanciful collection of building blocks and towers. On the way, you may meet characters like Aladdin, the Prince of Persia, genies and wizards, and adventures galore! Made of durable, natural beech wood, this dramatic building set depicts the onion domes and distinctive features of Persian, Syrian, and Egyptian architecture - a perfect way to introduce your child to world cultures and romantic stories like the Arabian Nights or Ali Baba.

  • Recommended For Kids 5 Years And Older
  • Includes everything needed to build a fanciful Middle Eastern palace inspired by legend and myth
  • Includes 50 pieces in 13 different shapes; no instructions necessary
  • Made of solid, natural, untreated beech wood
  • Lovingly Designed In Germany By Our Talented Friends At Haba
  • Made in China