Elephant Organic Towel Doll

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Give your baby a feeling of security and maybe inspire a lifelong love of elephants when you give this cozy Elephant Organic Towel Doll from MiYim to your baby. This towel doll is made of 100% organic materials from his oversized ears right down to his adorable trunk, and is certified chemical and pesticide free. Safe and environmentally friendly, this is a terrific example of MiYim's commitment to eco-conscious toy making. Snuggly soft, plush fabric is inviting to touch and gentle on baby's tender skin. The unstuffed towel portion is pure perfection as baby's first lovie, and the stuffed head is ideal for grasping, hugging, and even chewing! The PureWaterWash process, unique to MiYim, means only soy and mineral based dyes are used for coloring, so you can be sure your baby is safe. What a terrific inspiration to cuddle up and dream of elephants!

  • Recommended For Newborns And Older
  • Measures approximately 10 x 10 inches
  • Made of organic cotton with no chemical treatments; filled with eco-friendly recycled polyester; Machine-washable
  • Colors are made from plants and minerals via a MiYim unique PureWaterWash process
  • Designed By The Eco-Minded Folks At miYim
  • Made in China