Frog Organic Towel Doll

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Bring the peace and quiet of a still summer night into your home when your little one snuggles up to this Frog Organic Towel Doll from the eco-conscious designers at MiYim. Can't you just hear the frogs croaking and the crickets chirping as he drifts off to sleep? Plush 100% organic cotton fabric is invitingly soft and cozy, with no chemicals or toxins to irritate tender baby skin. Because the nature inspired green color pallet comes from a unique plant and mineral based process called PureWaterWash, this charming little frog is perfectly safe for your baby to chew. The unstuffed towel portion makes it easy to cuddle up with, and the scaled down size is versatile enough to use either at home or on the go whenever your baby needs comfort and security. This terrific from is sure to become a treasured companion while supporting not only the health of your family but a healthy planet as well.

  • Recommended For Newborns And Older
  • Measures approximately 10 x 10 inches
  • Made of organic cotton with no chemical treatments; filled with eco-friendly recycled polyester; Machine-washable
  • Colors are made from plants and minerals via a MiYim unique PureWaterWash process
  • Designed By The Eco-Minded Folks At miYim
  • Made in China