Topsy Turvy Doll Dusk to Dawn

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The perfect bedtime companion for your little sleepyhead, this magical Topsy Turvy doll will be there to enhance story time and greet your little one at the break of day as well. . Fair-haired Dusk wears a glittering taffeta gown with a matching organza bow at the waist. With silver crown in place atop her blonde hair, she ushers in the night with grace. The doll reverses to reveal the raven-haired Dawn in dressed in vibrant fuchsia embellished with white organza daybreak rays. Sporting a golden crown and secret jingle bell, she welcomes the first light of day with elegant style. This 15 inch doll would make a dreamy addition to any doll lover's collection.

  • Recommended For Kids 2 Years And Older
  • Measures 11 Inches
  • Surface washable
  • Designed In New York City, USA By The Delightful Team At North American Bear
  • Made in China