10 Little Ways To Protect Our Planet Every Day

10 Ways to Preserve The Planet with Children - Oompa Minute

Happy Earth Day! Here at Oompa Toys, our mission is simple. We offer toys that have a positive impact on your children and the planet.

But we also try and make changes every day that will help reduce waste and save our planet and the natural world around us.

Here are 10 easy things to try with your children today!

1. Get little ones excited about recycling. Keep your home's recycling station accessible to children can get involved in sorting.

2. Upcycle for creative projects. Save egg cartons, toilet paper and paper towel rolls and jars from the recycling bin to use for craft projects throughout the year. 

3. Buy in bulk. Try and limit household waste by buying items like beans, granola and other snacks in bulk rather than in pre-packaged boxes.

4. Take advantage of your local library. Not only are libraries great for discovering new books, but many offer toys to check out so that you can bring new games home without buying.

5. Play outside. Nothing encourages children to love nature more than experiencing it on a daily basis.

6. Switch off the lights. Enjoy candlelit dinners or bedtime stories by flashlight for an hour each evening.

7. Create a nature table. Designate a spot in the house where children can bring treasures from the outdoors in. A magnifying glass or microscope on the table allows them to explore their finds in-depth.

8. Feed the birds. Create a pinecone bird feeder, a recycled milk jug feeder or simply hang a traditional feeder. Start a bird watching journal and write down all the feathered friends that flock to your yard.

9. Join a Clean Up day. Many local towns have their own clean-up days where residents help pick up trash around their neighborhood. Don't have one in your area? Take a garbage bag on a walk and help clean up litter on your own.

10. Start a Garden. Whether you can create a raised bed in your yard or only have space for seedlings on your windowsill, children will be in awe as they watch their seeds grow. 

What are your favorite ways to teach children to preserve the planet? Please share ideas in the comments below!


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