10 Ways To Make This School Year Easier

10 Ways Towards an Easier School Year - Oompa Toys

We’ve heard from parents all over the country that this school year will be different.

Whether you’re teaching a child full-time at home, trying to juggle a full-time job and homeschool or using a hybrid model, here are some tips on getting through it.

Stick to a Schedule
You don’t need to follow your child’s usual schooling hours, but making sure you begin each morning at the same time (when breakfast and free play is finished) you’ll quickly develop a school routine.

But Be OK With Veering From It
There might be mornings when a parent will have an unexpected work call or a lesson takes longer than expected. Just keep moving forward and try to get back on track the next day.

Set up a Space
Designate a schooling space in your home where lessons are given. Children will know that when they’re in that area, it’s learning time!

Offer Lots of Mini Breaks
It can be hard on both parents and children to get through lessons coupled with real-life at home. Set a timer and take a 15 minute break after every lesson to keep bellies full and motivation high!

Take Time to Play
There is no such thing as too much play! The beauty of school at home means recess can take place 4 times a day! The more free play your child has, the better they’ll be able to focus on school tasks when they’re back at their desk.

Enjoy the Outdoors
On a beautiful day, feel free to move a lesson outside. There’s nothing wrong with some math in the sunshine.

Pursue New Interests
Use this time to find ways to incorporate your child’s interests into school lessons, whether it’s new art projects or extracurricular activities that support their hobbies.

Start a Parenting Group
Make sure you’re supported too! Start an email chain or weekly Zoom call with other parents to see how everyone is hanging in.

Expect the Unexpected
A pet will get sick. The power might go out. When a day gets completely derailed, focus on getting back on track the next day.

Be Forgiving
You may lose your cool. Your child may get frustrated. These are unprecedented times and forgive yourself when things go awry. Every day is a fresh start.


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