What Is Play Value?

Here at Oompa we use the term “play value” quite often and maybe it’s about time we parsed out all the attributes that we are looking for when we determine if a toy has great play value. While this term may have different meanings to different people, at Oompa, toys with high play value are toys that:

1) Has Multiple Uses

Toys with high play value can typically be used in many different ways. A simple toy allows for imagination to repeatedly create a new purpose for the toy. A great example of a toy with multiple uses  is a set of wooden blocks. Simple blocks can be used to create towers, cities, patterns — the possibilities are endless!

2) Involves Self-Directed Play

Allowing children to explore their own ideas about how to play with a toy can offer much more engaging playtime than having children follow specific instructions. Oompa has tons of toys that offer a lot of self-directed play... dollhouses  and play tents are among our favorites.

3) Can Grow With Your Child

We love toys that your little one can play with for years. A favorite stuffed animal is a perfect example of a toy that can truly grow with your child. Small toddlers will enjoy the comfort of a furry friend at night and as they grow they will incorporate their stuffed animal into everyday play.

4) Promotes Respectful Interaction

Toys that promote respectful interaction, that is to say toys that do not encourage violence or stereotyping while introducing the concepts of sharing and working together, can be surprisingly difficult to find. A great toy that promotes respectful interaction is a play kitchen. Both little boys and girls can learn a lot about respectful interactions and sharing through role-play with a play kitchen.

5) Can Be Used In Further Learning

Toys that encourage kids to develop skills used in further learning are sure have high play value. Toys that promote early learning about the alphabet, world geography, multiplication, etc. help children develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Oompa offers tons of educational toys and puzzles such as our Mother 5-Layer Body Puzzle that helps children understand what's happening to Mom when she's pregnant.

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