Get Crafty On Rainy Spring Days!

Don’t let April showers bring you and your little ones down. Instead, embrace the indoor time with some awesome arts & crafts! Our selection of craft kits has something for everyone, big or small, boy or girl, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect kit for your little Picasso. Here, we’ve chosen two of our favorites for toddlers, one for older girls, and one for older boys. Each set was designed in Paris by our imaginative friends at Djeco. If you and your little ones have completed any of these crafts, let us know how you liked them!

1) Collages For Little Ones

Our Collages For Little Ones Kit comes with all the supplies your toddler needs to create beautiful collages. Four whimsical backgrounds offer the perfect starting point for collage-making. Use the pieces in the kit to decorate a bear, cat, mouse, and rabbit.  In a recent review of this kit, one of our customers commented, “In placing the pieces on the board, he was also recognizing spatial relationships — the cats socks needed to fit over its feet, and the paws couldn’t be halfway up its arms, or he didn’t like the way it looked. Yet the craft still had enough free pieces — stars, polka dots, etc., that he was clearly having the opportunity to place things where he wanted to rather than being entirely restricted to recreating the design in the instruction booklet.”

2) Finger Painting Craft Kit

Introduce your budding artist to one of the great joys in life: finger painting! Our Finger Painting Craft Kit comes with eight beautiful backgrounds for your little one to decorate. The eight 30ml bottles of paint are high quality and come with a pallet. Although this painting style is quite intuitive, the instruction book shows some innovative ways to get crafty with finger painting!


3) Blue Princess Sand Kit

A sand kit has never been so beautiful and mess-free as our Blue Princess Sand Kit. Exotic illustrations come to life when your little princess uses the twelve different colors of sand to complete the four princesses. The best part? No glue necessary! Just peel away the area you want to color to expose the sticky surface. Place the image in the box of the kit, pour the sand on, brush off the extra, and repeat! A small hole in the corner at the bottom of the box allows you to pour extra sand back into the bottle. This kit guarantees beautiful, mess-free results every time!


4) Dragons Paper Folding Kit

Little boys will delight as they create monstrous dragons with our Dragons Paper Folding Kit.  The simple illustrated instructions are easy to follow and help your little one to learn to follow a set of directions. Pop-out all the pieces and fold the characters into life! Little ones can then engage in imaginative play with their creations or use them as decorations in a room or play room.

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