Oompa's Top 5 Dexterity Toys

Helping your child develop dexterity skills early on can help them as they learn to write, dress, play instruments, draw on your walls, etc. Oompa has TONS of great dexterity toys ranging from simple shape sorters and lacing toys to puzzles. We’ve narrowed down our wide selection to our top five picks.

1) Lacing Peacock

New to the Oompa scene is our lovely Lacing Peacock. This adorable pheasant friend was designed by our friends at Hape Toys with the intention of helping little ones to develop dexterity skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Your child will love manipulating the felt feathers and colorful beads on to the peacock’s wooden body with the included threads. When complete, the pieces can be taken off and used again in different patterns or your little one may just want to display this beautifully decorated peacock in their room!

2) Magnatab

Little ones are naturally curious about the things they see mom and dad doing everyday. If your child (or your walls!) aren’t quite ready to handle markers, we suggest our Magnatab sets designed by the modern folks at Kid O. Four different styles allow a mess-free way for your child to practice letters and numbers. Using a magnetic “pen” to trace the letters and numbers, little ones will know they have done a good job once each hole in the character is filled in with a magnetic ball. The modern simplicity of this toy makes it an attractive addition to any toy box while its portable size makes it a great toy to bring on car-rides, in restaurants, or to a friend’s house!



3) Lacing Sheep

This farm friend combines skills such as dexterity, hand-eye coordination, size recognition, and color recognition all into one great toy. With six pieces total, your little lamb can string the shapes over the beaded strand that ends in the sheep’s tail. The colors on the beaded strand complement the colors of the pieces so your little one works on color matching as they lace. The last piece pops in place to keep the sheep together so it can be used as a figure for imaginative play! Our Lacing Sheep was designed by the innovative people at Plan Toys.



4) Beehives

Our colorful Beehives toy is a wonderful way to develop nimble fingers while working on color recognition. The fun starts as your busy bee builds the hive. Stack the six hexagons up high in rainbow-order or nest them in rows to make a cozy place for the bees to rest! Then your little one can start by using his or her fingers to put the bees in their homes and eventually graduate to using the tongs. We love that this toy also inspires imaginative play as your little one may pretend to be a beekeeper or use the bees in combination with other toys! This colorful toy was designed by our friends at Plan Toys.



5) Prism Puzzle

Our Prism Puzzle is particularly great for dexterity as it requires nimble fingers to fit all the wooden diamond and triangle shapes in the hexagonal base. Little ones will explore patterns as they complete this open-ended puzzle. We love that the wooden pieces are a bit chunky allowing them to be used in other little building projects. This great wooden toy was designed by our friends at Hape Toys.


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