Oompa Donates To Every Mother Counts

A few weeks ago, Oompa’s very own Sandra Gunthorpe attended the launch of Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project at The Standard’s Le Bain in New York City!  The Pregnancy Project empowers women with the tools for a safe, healthy, and fit pregnancy and includes nine workout DVDs packed with relevant nutritional and informational tips  for each month of pregnancy. Tracy also generously donates $5 of every DVD package to Christy Turlington Burn’s, Every Mother Counts — one of Oompa’s favorite advocacy organizations promoting education and support for pregnant girls and women worldwide.

What an exciting luncheon and silent auction! In addition to Tracy Anderson and Christy Turlington Burns, Gweneth Paltrow and Molly Sims made an appearance, expressing their gratitude to both The Pregnancy Project and Every Mother Counts.

It truly is amazing to see women making change in the world. Oompa, a women-owned company, was very honored to be a part of this event and was proud to donate to the goodie bag the attendees took home. After returning from her exciting trip, the Oompa team picked Sandy’s brain for every detail of the event. “Is Gwyneth as tall as she seems?!” “Are you and Molly BFFs now?” (FYI the answers are yes and no respectively). In all seriousness though, Oompa loves being able to give back. As Sandy put it, “It’s one of the most rewarding parts of owning such a well-respected toy website, giving back and bringing awareness to events and causes like this!  I hope all of our customers and fans feel that being a part of the Oompa community really does make a difference!”

 Check out our pictures below. The first is a snapshot of some items we donated and the second is Molly Sims, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Tracy Anderson casually talking about how much they love Oompa Toys. OK, just kidding we have no clue what they are talking about, but we can dream right?

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