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Waves Of Fun And Laughter On Stormy Seas

Posted on August 30, 2012 by Susan Klieman | 0 comments

This just in! Our first Toy Tester Winner has sent us some pictures and a wonderfully written review of our Stormy Seas Game. Check out what our toy tester had to say about this game:

“Another great toy from Hape! My boys (age 3 and 5) were very excited to play this game. Luckily, thanks to the simple design and instructions, it was ready to play just seconds out of the box. Made of high-quality bamboo and soy-based inks, this game is as safe and solid as it is cute and fun. It was easy to set-up and stabilize on a table or carpet. In addition to the boat, the game comes with an assortment of five different types of “cargo” for the ship, and a die square to indicate which piece of cargo is to be played. The boys immediately understood that they were to take turns trying to balance the game pieces on the ship and avoid “clearing the decks!” After a initial round or two, I noticed my 5-year-old displaying more care, dexterity, and strategy with his moves, as he was weary of causing a spill. Great game for family night for ages 3 and up, although I caught my husband challenging himself after the kids went to bed! For the added bonus of a personal challenge, just stow the die and start stacking cargo! I can see this game being played for years to come, and eventually handed down to cousins, nieces, nephews, grandkids…”

We’re so excited about our new Toy Tester program and sincerely hope that the reviews that come from it help parents make more informed buying decisions for their children. Watch out for more opportunities to become an Oompa Toy Tester on our Facebook!

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