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How Do I Clean My Haba Clutching Toys?

Posted on July 08, 2013 by Susan Klieman | 1 comment

We recently have received a few questions about how parents should clean their baby’s Haba wooden clutching toys. The first thing to remember is that because these toys are made of wood, you definitely cannot soak them in water. The best way to clean your clutching toy after your baby has had a quality gnawing session is to spot clean with a cloth and mild soap. You can then “rinse” it by using the cloth to dab the toy with fresh water. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly before giving it back to your little one.

If you and your baby have yet to explore Haba’s beautiful line of wooden clutching toys, you can check out a few items below:

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Marva Belk
Marva Belk

March 29, 2014

Just purchased the art table E1015….I need to find a source for the paper roll to be used with this table…do you sell this item….my purchase of one from another source was too long and won’t fit the table…thanks for any help you can give me…

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