Hape Little Plane


When we first discovered Hape Toys, we were smitten with the brand's simple style and its focus on imaginative and educational play. But when we learned more about the people and mission behind the company, we fell in love!

Here's why Hape remains one of Oompa's favorite makers of wooden toys, and hope that you will fall in love, too. 

In the Beginning

Founded in 1986 by Peter Handstein along with his sister Sabine and close friend, Renate Gies, Hape Kindergarten Supply was dedicated to providing German educators with educational playthings for their little ones. The company quickly grew and in 1987, Peter moved the company's production to Ningbo, China.  

Once in China, Peter built his own innovative factory where he could embrace ecological, technological, and efficiency practices. Intrigued by the beautiful bamboo plants surrounding Peter’s new home, Hape began to experiment with this highly renewable resource. Soon after, Hape Toys became the first company to offer a full line of bamboo toys in 2005.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to wood that can be grown quickly without the use of pesticides. Bamboo plants also absorb more carbon and produce more oxygen than trees. 

Hape Today

Today, Hape Toys creates safe and innovative products  while working with local communities in Ningbo, China to build schools and educate the population about social and ecological responsibility. From humble beginnings, Hape Toys is now one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials in the world!


Hape is dedicated to producing toys in socially- and environmentally-responsible ways.

The company: 

  • Uses sustainable resources for the production of their toys
  • Is a member of the FSC (Forests Stewardship Council)
  • Produces a unique line of bamboo toys
  • Built three early childhood education centers in China

Hape's line of  open-ended, natural toys includes: 


Hape Little Plane




Learn more about Hape’s wooden toy kitchen line in the video below!


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