14 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever with Kids


Sometimes the weather is simply not on your side for outdoor play. Whether you're stuck indoors during a snowstorm or on a gloomy rainy day, it's very easy to get stir crazy—especially if you're a kid.

We collected our favorite indoor activities from parents, Oompa staffers, friends and some of our favorite blogs to create this curated list you can bookmark for a rainy day. 

Here are 14 activities that will guarantee a good time with your children regardless of the weather.

Guess the Drawing
Have everyone come up with a few different objects or animals and write them down on slips of paper like "elephant" or "snow boot". Toss all the ideas into a basket and have each player take turns drawing from the hat. Set a timer as one player has to draw what is shown on the paper as everyone tries to guess what it is! Use an easel to set up in your living room and have everyone gather around to play.

Create an Art Gallery
Pull out the art supplies and spread them out on the kitchen table. Leave out plenty of paper so children can create their own artwork. Let them set up their own gallery showing on a wall in the house by leaving out removable tape so they can display their work and show off their latest portfolio.

Host a Dance Party
Put together a fun playlist, toss off your shoes and put on your favorite costumes. Get all the wiggles out on the dance floor and work on some new moves while you do it.

Have an Upside Down Lunch
Lay a picnic blanket down under the kitchen table and announce that lunch will be served upside down! Children will crack up at the absurdity of eating under the table and it will be a memory they remember for a very long time. 

Build a New City
Create a construction plan for the mini architects in the family. Put out your set of blocks and ask them to create a city with specific things, like a school with a playground or a soccer stadium. Encourage them to work with their friends or siblings as they create a bustling town of their own.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks in Sunset - Oompa Toys
Draw on the Floor
Spread out a ream of paper down the hallway or across the kitchen and let children make a giant piece of art as they crawl around and get creative. Limit this to older kids since many toddlers will want to stray from within the paper boundaries!

Make a Scavenger Hunt
There's a reason why this longtime favorite activity is liked generation after generation. It's easy, engaging and simple to put together to keep kids entertained for hours. Or at least for an hour.

Start a Band
There's nothing like becoming rock stars to keep the stir crazies at bay. Have everyone pull out their favorite instrument and if enough aren't on hand, make your own using cans or recyclable bottles filled with dry beans or rice. Play along to existing songs or try your hand at writing your own. Grammys, here you come!

Host a Tea Party
Invite your favorite dolls and set out tiny sandwiches and tea cups to enjoy together. Pinkies up!

Cotton Ball Crawl
Dump a pile of cotton balls in the middle of a room and place a bowl in another room. Instruct kids to move each cotton ball using only a spoon into the bowl. Make it a timed event so that it's even sillier. Kids will crack up as they figure out how tricky it is to perform the task.

Pull Out "Forgotten" Toys
We love keeping toys hidden away for months at a time so that children forget they're even at home. On stir-crazy days, it's a great opportunity to pull out some forgotten toys like a board game or puzzle and reintroduce it to kids as something new. If it's been months since they've seen it, it'll be as exciting as getting a new gift on Christmas morning.

Splash Around
Who says bath time has to be at bedtime? Have kids hop into their swim suits and bring some bath toys and crayons into the tub. Let them warm up in a bath. Add some drops of lavender essential oil to help them calm down on days they are cooped up.

Make Origami
We love origami for school-aged children and these jumping frogs from It's Always Autumn are toad-ally cute. You can find some great origami paper from Bella Luna Toys.

Mirror, Mirror
It's time to copy Mom or Dad! Stand across from your kids and have them copy what you do, whether it's running in place, spinning in circles or fluffing the couch pillows. Take turns so you copy them in return! This is a great activity for families with kids of all ages.

What are your favorite activities to play indoors? We'd love to hear. Leave a comment below!

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