17 Fun Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

17 Fun Indoor Activities - Oompa Toys

We love to spend the summer days outdoors! But when rainy weather causes cabin fever, we turn to these fun activities the whole family can enjoy. Best of all, they use creative thinking, imaginative play and cooperation!

Here are some fun ideas that the whole family will enjoy⁠—in rain or shine.

Build a Blanket Fort
This classic game never gets old. Create a cozy nook for kids to curl up under using some blankets and living room furniture. Toss some pillows on the floor and read book in their newly-built playhouse.

Have a Treasure Hunt
Create a treasure map with clues and riddles for each family member around the house. Leave the “treasure” at the end for each to find, whether it’s a sweet note, surprise treat or an actual pot of gold!

Play Hopscotch
You don't need chalk and a driveway. Instead, use painter’s tape to create the board on a non-carpeted surface in your house.

Make Soft Pretzels
Delight everyone with this super simple and easy recipe. Even the smallest hands can help out in the kitchen. Get creative with your own dipping sauces too!

Throw a Dance Party
When little ones need to let out the wiggles, put on some tunes and bust a move. Try searching for playlists from the ‘50s on Spotify (which have some of our favorite danceable tunes!)

Host High Tea
Recreate this formal British tradition by dressing up in finery and enjoying finger sandwiches. Everyone will enjoy setting a pretty table and nibbling on bite size treats. Don’t forget to invite the Queen!

Make Picasso-Inspired Portraits
Create hilarious "portraits" of each other from old magazines and newspapers by assembling facial features from ads and photographs.

Make Eco-Friendly Slime
We love this recipe from Wellness Mama which uses materials you already have at home.

Listen to a Book
Don’t have an audiobook on hand? Try out a new podcast like our current favorite Storytime.

Host a Talent Show
There’s no time like the present to reveal your hidden talent. Set up a stage in the living room and let everyone take a turn performing something for the family whether it’s a sock puppet performance or a poetry slam.

Have a Beach Day
Pack up your picnic, and transform the living room into a seaside paradise: hang homemade sun and clouds from the ceiling, bring in the beach chairs and spread out beach towels and blankets. Play an ocean sounds soundtrack (or your favorite beach music). Instead of making sand castles, children can make crepe paper flower garlands and paper fans. 

Experiment with Origami
Use craft paper or origami paper and find beginner tutorials like these jumping frogs.

Recycle Old Crayons
Use broken crayon pieces and melt them down in a silicone mold in the oven to create a new set.

Start a Band
Let everyone grab an instrument and even try their hand at songwriting! Don't forget to press "record" on your phone when it's time to go pro.

Create a Time Capsule
Have everyone write a message or draw a picture for the capsule and place a trinket inside. Write a date for it to be opened on the outside and hide it somewhere in the house.

Put on a Fashion Show
Pull out the dress-up box or better yet, let kids raid Mom and Dads closet to see what kind of ensembles they’d whip up.

Sort and Donate
Use the rainy day as an excuse to donate toys to a local charity. Let your child pick one or two they’d like give away.


What are your favorite rainy day activities? Let us know in the comments!

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