10 Ideas For Springtime Outdoor Play

 #1 Encourage Springtime Exploration With A Scavenger Hunt

Take a few moments with your child to make a list of things they will see in springtime. Then, take the list on all your walking adventures until every item is checked off. Not only will this fun activity get your chid interested in outdoor exploration, it will also help develop may new vocabulary words.

#2 Create an Animal Habitat With A Bird Feeder

Build a bird feeder with your child and find a perfect place for it in your back yard. Then, make a journal to document what kinds of birds come into the yard. You can also make observations about when they come, how long they stay, and what they do while they are there. Both you and your child are sure to learn lots about the birds in your area. You can also expand this to include butterflies and other little critters such as ladybugs, bees, ants, spiders, and squirrels.

#3 Plan, Plant, and Cultivate A Simple Vegetable Garden

Planting a family vegetable garden is a wonderful way to ensure regular outdoor time. It's a rewarding activity that provides family bonding time as well as months of delicious veggies! Start with easy veggies with high success rates such as tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, peas, potatoes, or zucchini. Kids love planting seeds and seeing the first sprouts, but you can also use small starter plants if you are not up for the full challenge!

#4 Get Creative With Sidewalk Chalk

Create masterpieces with your child on the driveway or sidewalk. Start with a basic shape and let each person add on to it one at a time. You'll be surprised at all the creative designs your child will come up with! You can also create your own paint colors by adding water to crushed chalk. For even more active fun, draw a grid for a hopscotch or foursquare game! Try out our Sidewalk Games With Chalk by eeBoo!

#5 Discover Your Local Parks

Go on the internet with your child to make a list of all the interesting parks, playgrounds, bike trails, riverwalks, community gardens, hiking trails, etc. in your area. Make a goal to visit all of them by the end of the summer. You'll love discovering how much fun you will have exploring new outdoor spaces together.

#6 Go On A Family Treasure Hunt With Geocaching

Using a smartphone, your family can take part in an exciting global treasure hunt. There are millions of geocaches scattered across the planet, and there are likely many close to where you are. To learn more, sign up at geocaching.com.

#7 Transform Outdoor Objects Using Your Imagincation

Go exploring in your backyard, local playground, or forest preserve. Gather five unique objects in nature. They can be as simple as a stick, a rock, or a leaf. Next, have everyone take turns saying what each item could be. For example, a rock could look like a fish, a cell phone, or a shoe. You could even make it a game where the most creative answer wins a point!

#8 Kickstart Outdoor Giggle With A Simple Ball

Arguably the most versatile toy ever created, a simple ball will bring a lifetime of outdoor fun. In addition to standard sports such as soccer, football, basketball, tennis, golf, and volleyball, don't forget to introduce your little one to four square, wall ball, dodgeball, kickball, kick the can, and hacky sack. These games are great to play a family or with neighborhood friends and many will keep your child active outdoors through the teen years and beyond.

#9 Don't Forget About Classic Outdoor Games

Hide & Seek * Tag * Capture the Flag * Ghost in the Graveyard * Duck Duck Goose * Sardines

#10 And What's More Fun Than Sand, Water, and Bubbles?

Beaches, lakes, rivers, streams, pools! Take advantage of the weather and let your little one explore the wonderful world of water and sand. Discover splashing fun in wading pools. Sculpt a sand castle. Create your own little streams and watch the water flow. For extra fun, add some bubbles.



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