Our Oompa Holiday Picks 2021

Looking for the right gift for your little one, niece, nephew, grandchild or another special child in your life? Here at Oompa Toys we have toys for every age and stage, curated around your child's unique interests. Follow along for suggestions for the music makers, creatives, architects and snugglers in your life.


For your little music maker

HABA wooden whirligig rattle The Whirligig Wooden Baby Rattle will keep babies entertained for hours as they grasp, clutch and maneuver this jingly toy, no batteries required.

The Whirligig Wooden Baby Rattle is recommended for newborns through 18 months. Plan Toys wooden rainbow xylophone instrument As children pound the bars of the Oval Xylophone, they'll learn about sound, harmony and rhythm as they improve on their fine motor skills.


The Oval Xylophone is recommended for children 12 months and up.

For your little architect

Uncle goose classic wooden blocks in a wagon

The Wagon with Classic Wooden Blocks is a modern version of a classic wooden toy. Pushing the wagon gets children up and moving and makes for easy cleanup.

Children ages 2 and up will enjoy pushing the wagon around and stacking the blocks as high as they can.

Ocamora warm wooden rainbow in six pieces


The Pink Wooden Rainbow is a gorgeous wooden toy with a sunset theme. Ocamora rainbows are easy to assemble into structures and the arches stack in either direction.

Ocamora Wooden Rainbows are an open-ended delight for children of all ages.

For your little snuggler

Organic elephant washcloth

The Elephant Washcloth Hand Puppet is the perfect gift for a new mother or bath time skeptic. Tell stories, sing songs and act out silly scenes for children as you help them get clean.

Safe and fun for newborns and older.

Senger Organic puppy stuffed animal

Looking for a new companion for your child? The Organic Puppy Plush is a perfect choice for snugglers of all sizes who need a lovie or tea-party guest. The Organic Puppy Plush is a companion for all ages.

Tikiri Toys Baby Kye Doll on Oompa Toys

Doll play develops socio-emotional skills in all children regardless of their gender. This organic doll, named Kye, is adorable and perfect for dramatic play.

Baby Kye and friends are perfect pals for children from birth.

For your little creative

Eco finger paint

Eco Finger Paint is a blast for art projects or even bath play. Encourage creativity around the home with natural pigments for your children to explore. Four animals folded out of origami paper

Introduce your child to the art of paper folding with the Paper Magic Origami. Make a cute puppy, penguin, fish and more.

Children as young as 3 can make simple shapes with this kit. Children aged 6+ can fold the paper into animals

We hope that our toys can bring joy to you and your family this holiday season. Wishing you all happy holidays from the Oompa Toys team.


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