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3 Fun and Easy Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

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3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day | Oompa Toys

Nothing says love quite like an unexpected surprise during Valentine’s Day, whether it’s an unexpected note, a special treat or a little gift.

Telling our little ones how much we love them never gets old. Here’s some ideas on how to show them this Valentine’s Day!

1.  Send a Surprise Note

Children love a funny note, so get creative with a drawing of their favorite animal and a hidden love letter in their backpack or lunchbox.

I toadally love you.
You’re the cat’s meow.
I love you a HOP!
Iguana be your valentine!
Have a whale of a good Valentine’s day!
Valentine Love Note | Oompa Minute


It doesn’t matter what you write, a surprise note from Mom and Dad will delight them all day.

2.  I Love You More Than All The Waves in the Sea

Play the “I love you more than” game with children of all ages, whether it’s a newborn who can only coo back or with a young child who can produce some very compelling responses! This simple practice of showing your child just how much you love them instills confidence in them and lets them think creatively too.

3.  Leave a Trail of Hearts

Trail of Hearts | Oompa Minute Blog


Use paper from the recycling bin and cut out hearts. In the morning while your child is still asleep, sprinkle hearts from the bed and down the hallway, leading them to a surprise, whether it’s their favorite breakfast or a little gifts. Children will be delighted at the unexpected treasure trail!

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