9 Clever Cardboard Box Halloween Costume Ideas

We scoured the internet to find some truly remarkable cardboard costume ideas for Halloween and beyond. You'll be amazed at how these makers turned a humble box into a truly transformative costume.

Tin of Sardines

Cardboard Costume Ideas - Sardines Tin - Oompa Toys

A little bit silly (and a little bit salty), this can of sardines can be customized with your own brand of fish. We love the metallic heads peeking out! 

Photo and craft source: Oh Happy Day!

Kiddie Karavan

Lion and Lion Tamer Costume - Oompa Toys

A fun way for siblings to dress up as a pair, this cardboard box turned cage can house any circus animal. Transporting it on a wagon makes trick-or-treating more fun too.

Photo and craft source: Parents Magazine

Food Truck

Food Truck Costume - Oompa Toys

Everyone loves a food truck! Leave it up to your child to decide what kind of cuisine they'll be selling.

Photo and craft source: The Merry Thought

Tropical Bird

Cardboard Box Bird Costume - Oompa Toys

This big bird is simply im-peck-able, dressed up in colorful wings and a brightly painted face. Use this template to recreate as a chicken, seagull or your little one's favorite avian friend.

Photo and craft source: Mer Mag

Royal Wings

Cardboard Butterfly Wings - Oompa Toys 

Cardboard really takes flight with these oversized wings. Simply attach to ribbon or even an existing backpack to make wearing these over clothes a cinch. 

Photo and craft source: Mer Mag


Dinosaur Cardboard Costume - Oompa Toys

Don these dino heads for a costume that will guarantee a roaring good time. We love seeing the child underneath through giant cardboard chompers too!

Photo and craft source: Zygote Brown Designs

Photo Booth Strip

Photo Booth Costume - Oompa Toys

A fun throwback to pre Instagram days, this cardboard photo strip requires access to a printer and a willing subject.

Photo and craft: Oh Happy Day!

X-Ray Machine

 X-Ray Cardboard Costume - Oompa Toys

All you need are clothes from their closet in this fun twist on a Halloween skeleton.

Photo and craft source: Rachel Burgess


Cardboard Plane

Up, up and away in this cardboard marvel! Simply add straps to turn it into a wearable, soaring piece of the sky.

Photo and craft source: Hello Wonderful


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