Best Blocks for Every Age

Playing with blocks has been a cornerstone of childhood development for generations. The benefits of block play are vast, from learning math skills as children stack and sort to flexing their creative muscles as they construct their own design ideas.

Our favorite blocks are made from wood and are crafted with non-toxic, mouth-friendly dyes. Not only is wood more appealing to the touch, but our collection of high-quality and well-constructed blocks are designed to last for generations of play.

Uncle Goose Bug Blocks - Oompa Toys


Favorite Blocks for Babies (Under 12 Months)

Our favorite first blocks for babies must tick the following boxes: easy to grasp, safe to "chew" on and colorful enough to engage a child's senses. 

One of our favorites is Haba's First Baby Blocks which comes in a set of 12 in six basic colors. They're made from PEFC-certified beech wood coated with multiple layers of water-based, natural, solvent-free lacquers. Although it's always important to teach children not to put things in their mouth at an early age, these are safe should they find their way to a teething babe. 


Top Blocks for Toddlers

Children as young as 18 months will begin to stack (and knock), sort (and toss) their favorite blocks. As they get older, they will also learn to put their own blocks away. Keeping a designated basket or bin for their blocks is a great way to engage a toddler in cleaning up!

Some of our favorite toddler blocks include a classic ABC set from Uncle Goose to help familiarize them with their letters. We also sell them in Spanish, German and Arabic.

We also love introducing toddlers to stacking and nesting blocks from Grimm's Spiel & Holz of Germany. They can practice stacking in innovative ways and the open-ended concept behind these blocks means they will find limitless ways to stack and use them as they grow.

Our Picks for Preschoolers

Parking lots, houses, towering cities - for a preschooler the possibilities are limitless when it comes to block play.

Many preschool aged children will begin adding things to their block play, like figurines or other toys. They may also create something that they insist stays put! Their imagination becomes truly endless at this age, so get them a set of wooden blocks that can give them all the right tools for creating.

A favorite set for children would be one comprised of varying shapes and sizes, like this USA-made set from Beka.

Kapla Blocks are another wonderful investment - even adults love building with these! These natural wood planks are based on a mathematical ratio of 1:3:15 to allow a child not just to build, but to create striking architectural details that would be impossible with a regular block set!

What were your favorite blocks as a child? Let us know in the comments!

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