Best Gifts for a One Year-Old

Best Gifts for One Year Olds | Oompa Toys
A first birthday marks a very big milestone for a baby! In just twelve months time a baby has gone from crying and cooing to seeing and exploring and these milestones should be celebrated.

One thing to consider when you give a gift to a child turning one is to think about what will grow with them best. Take this opportunity to further nurture a current interest of theirs, whether it’s solving new challenges or trying to see what Mom and Dad are cooking in the kitchen.

Here are some of our favorite toys that we recommend to give to children turning one!

Stacking Blocks

Not only will your little one quickly learn that knocking two blocks together makes a fun noise, but as they grow stacking (and knocking down) blocks will also be a feat for them to master. Blocks continue to grow with children as their coordination and building skills progress. Those tiny towers will eventually grow into booming cities! Get involved in playing too as research shows that children spend more time exploring objects when playing with a parent.
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Pull and Push Toys

Say goodbye to the crawling years as babies start to get mobile, very mobile. Whether a child is already walking with gusto or has yet to take those first steps, these toys will help them gain the confidence they need to be upright. Even into the toddler years, these toys remain fun as children begin carting items around in push toys like a wagon or giving a favorite doll a tour of the living room on their ride-on.
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Stuffed Animals

By the time a first birthday looms, it’s possible a child is already very attached to a soft doll or stuffed animal. If not, it’s a great time to introduce them to a new friend. Stuffed animals help babies learn to work on their communication skills as well as nurturing. They’ll begin to mimic how they view Mom and Dad care for them and will often treat their animals in the same way. Don’t be surprised if you receive a very stern shhhh from a little one trying to put their bear down for a nap!
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It’s never too early to start flexing those problem solving skills. Begin by introducing peg style or large piece puzzles that are easier for smaller hands to work with. Open-ended puzzles from our Grimm’s collection are also wonderful ways to encourage imaginative play.
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