Best Gifts for New Parents (That Really Aren’t Gifts at All!)

How To Treat New Parents | Oompa Toys

Bringing home a new baby is the greatest gift of all. But along with that gift comes a lot of other to do’s that begin piling up on a family's list. From cleaning onesies to letting Mom take a nap to finding new ways to entertain a little one, the list goes on and on.

Here are our favorite ways to pamper parents when they are settling in with a new addition to the family at home.

Bring A Meal (or Two) and Dessert!

Mom is tired and hungry. Dad is busy folding clothes. Who has time to cook? There is nothing a family with a new baby appreciates more than a meal that needs only to be popped in the oven before serving. Bonus points if you can also bring over a dessert or treat that’s easy to serve, like cookies or muffins for Mom or Dad to munch on during late-night feedings.

Best Gifts for New Parents | Oompa Toys

Favorite Books/Magazines/Articles

New parents (especially a nursing Mom) spend many hours on the couch or in a chair. And while it’s often fun for them to watch a movie or catch up on some TV, it can also get boring. Bring over some favorite books or magazines to let them borrow while they’re spending so much time snuggling their baby. For first time parents, favorite parenting books or articles are always appreciated as they get to know their little one.

Clean House

While new parents love to greet visitors, it’s hard for them to keep up with household chores with a new babe at home. Come ready to offer to tidy the kitchen and load the dishwasher or simply fold some laundry while you sit and chat. There will be the desire for new parents to want to turn down such a kind gesture, but insist on it. Later when there are clean dishes to reach for, they’ll be forever indebted to you.

Gift Ideas for New Parents | Oompa Toys

A Very Thoughtful Note

If in the form of an email, link to great podcasts to listen to, a song playlist or anything to help keep them entertained and let them know you’re thinking of them. If in the form of snail mail, include encouraging notes, personal anecdotes and perhaps a joke or two to keep them smiling. Any note that congratulates and recognizes this exciting new time in their life will be much appreciated.

What new gifts meant the most to you when you became a parent? We’d love to hear in the comments below! 


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