Cool Gift Picks From Cool Kids: Alexander

It’s getting to be the time of year for finding the perfect holiday gifts. Here at Oompa Toys, we wanted to put together a gift guide to help anyone who might feel a little bit puzzled or overwhelmed when looking through the many amazing choices. You can find many thoughtful gift guides online, but we decided to go directly to the source – the kids! Today we’re talking with 6 and a half year old, Alexander. We’ll learn a little bit about this spectacular little person, and then we ask him what toys he would choose from Oompa. 

Let's meet Alexander!

Young child with long brown hair, wearing jeans and a button up shirt stands behind dark, metal fence in front of painted wall mural.

Q: What is your favorite thing to learn about in school?

A: Clouds because I like that they have shapes in them.

Q: If you could be any animal in the world, what would you choose and why?

A: A peregrine falcon because I could fly super-fast and hunt for fish and lasagna.

Q: What do you like most about yourself right now?

A: I'm the best power-kicker on my soccer team. I got a medal.

Q: Why do you like being a kid?

A: Because I get to play instead of work, and I don't have to cook all the food.

Q: If you ruled your school, what rules would you make?

A: That's easy! Your dog or cat can come to school with you. You get ice cream for lunch everyday. We play outside, even when it rains.

Q: Should children set their own bedtimes?

A: Yes, but I wouldn’t even set a bedtime. I’d stay up until the afternoon every day.

Q: Tell me one thing everyone should know about you.

A: I like to play with my dog and reading books.

Thanks so much to Alexander for answering our questions and letting us learn a little bit about you! Interviewing kids is a fun and fascinating activity, you often learn things you might not have known before! Now, let’s share Alexander’s top toy picks from Oompa Toys. He has made some excellent choices.

Alexander's Oompa Picks

Image of eight different toy choices, picked by a 6 year old, from Oompa Toys as his top favorite gift choices

Ooly Yummy Yummy Scented Markers Set of 12

Make drawing time a delicious sensory experience with these bright and cheerful markers. They are chunky in size, perfect for little hands, and are double ended for both fine and broad stoke drawing.

Wooden Parking Garage and Service Station

Your car enthusiast will enjoy fixing up all the things that come with this Wooden Parking Garage and Service Station. The set comes with three cars and one helicopter, with plenty of room for additional vehicles – a true one-stop-shop for an engineer, mechanic, or lover of wheels.

Wooden Rainbow Bracelet Beading Kit

This kit contains enough beautiful, wooden beads to make up to ten bracelets. The metal capped elastics make threading the cheerful rainbows, flowers, and geometric wooden beads easy peasy.

Meow! Wooden Balancing Game

In this fun balancing game, help a house cat collect and carry as many balls of yarn as you can balance! The many sizes of round skeins provide a fun challenge as each player can take a turn adding one to the top of this very relaxed cat.

Space Galaxy Play Dough

Children will marvel at this beautiful backdrop of shimmering black and purple swirls of play dough dotted with glittery stars and meteorites. Underneath this stellar display, layers of color await. Use the included scoop to investigate and mix the colors of the universe.

Animambo Bongo Drums

Let your child beat to their own drum with this delightful wooden bongo. This musical instrument can be a key part of your family band, and will allow kids to practice and gain rhythm and patterning sense.

Wooden Ice Cream Truck

With a melty ice cream on top and a bright pink striped base, this wooden truck has everything you want in an ice cream truck, except the jingle. Perfect for car collections, ready to go adventures, and any kind of transportation play set ups.

Large Wooden Stepped Pyramid Math Blocks

This set of 100 colorful wooden blocks serve your children both educationally and in a multitude of imaginative ways. Older children can be introduced to mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, and multiplication, among many others. But the blocks can also be used to build cities, create landscapes and be used for building anything your child can imagine.

We hope these lovely choices made by Alexander give you some ideas for the children in your life. Make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #OompaToys to share all of the holiday magic with us!

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