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Have A Hoppy V-Day With These Printable Valentine's Cards

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We're excited to celebrate joy and love this Valentine's Day, and so are our favorite wooden animal friends! A llama that's sending you lots of love and a squirrel that's just nuts about you are a couple of cute animals you can pair up with our hand-drawn printable Valentine's cards. 
Tenderleaf Toys Woodland Animals Hedgehog Squirrel Hare Llama Deer Otter
These wooden animal figures are a great way to skip or limit the candy that traditionally comes with each Valentine's card your children bring home. 
Flowers and a Tenderleaf Toys hedgehog next to a printable Valentine's Day card.
Keep the fun going long after Valentine's day. Add these woodland figures to a play scene to create an invitation for imaginary play!
Flowers and Tenderleaf Toys deer and hare next to printable Valentine's Cards.
Find our hedgehog, hare and other wooden animals on our website.
A series of 6 handdrawn printable Valentine's cards featuring Tenderleaf Toys Woodland Animals.
Print these sweet cards and pair them with our wooden animals to create a special Valentine's Day gift little one's will love!
Printable Valentine's Cards from Oompa Toys
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