Hape All Season Wooden Dollhouse

Dollhouse Play offers many benefits for young children, and is enjoyed most by children beginning around the age of four when the ability to imagine pretend situations develops.

A child will spend countless hours playing with a dollhouse. She will make up scenes that mimic her own world–with stories of birthday parties, spring cleaning, entertaining guests, or outing to the dollhouse playground.

He will learn problem-solving and spatial relations while moving furniture in and around the dollhouse.

Dollhouse play also inspires children's creativity as they explore ways to make rugs, small paintings for the walls, and other decor to adorn their house.

Dollhouses invite storytelling, and build social skills. Dollhouse play requires children to cooperate and work out issues when playing with friends.


When shopping for a dollhouse, here are some important considerations.

SIZE: Where will the dollhouse be placed? In a bedroom or living room? Will it be on the floor or a table? Will it get knocked over if it is tall and thin? Take measurements to make sure it will fit in the place that you would like it to reside. 

AGE: What is the age of the child or children who will be playing with it? 

SAFETY: If there are children under 3-years-old in the house, make sure that there are no small parts or accessories that could present a choking hazard. What material is the dollhouse made of? Has it been safety-tested and certified to be free of lead paint and other harmful substances?

DESIGN: Does the child gravitate toward modern designs or more traditional ones? Which better fits the style of your own home?

DURABILITY: Is the dollhouse built with quality materials and craftsmanship so that it will last for years can be passed down to future generations?

Plan Toys Dollhouse Family

DOLLS: Consider what type of dollhouse family dolls would fit your doll house. Do the dolls have flexible limbs so that they can be posed in a variety of lifelike positions? What materials are the dolls made of? You may choose plastic dolls for a plastic dollhouse, or you might prefer dolls made of natural materials (fabric, wood, or handmade dolls) to inhabit a wooden dollhouse.

FURNITURE AND DECOR: Does the furniture match the style of the house? Make sure that all furniture and dolls are in the same scale to fit the dollhouse.

ACCESSORIES: Does the child like to cook, work in the garden, play on the playground, or help out around the house? All of these interests can be incorporated into the dollhouse world with small accessories.

Take your time and have fun exploring all the possibilities when choosing the perfect dollhouse and accessories for your child!

Does your child have a dollhouse? How have you observed your child playing with it? What scenarios have you seen them create? Leave your comment or question below!


  • Alisha Ross

    I was inspired to use one of your game ideas for a rally game at school and I was wondering what the containers you used for whack attack were. Thank you and keep up the great content.
    Ross Alisha

  • Marria

    Perfect dollhouse helps to build baby mental growth. kids can learn responsibility and home work through play. It helps to improve motor skill. Thanks for nice dollhouse collection. Really helpful to choose best one.

  • Marria

    Amazing! Dollhouse all time favorite play for babies. This type of pretend play help to develop kids creativity and imagination. They can learn about responsibility of boys and girls through play. I am searching best doll house for babies for my 3 years baby. Thanks for such a nice blog. Really helpful to choose best one for baby.

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