How to Clean Wood Toys

How to Clean Wood Toys - Oompa ToysWe love wood toys for many reasons, among them the attention to detail, the beautiful craftsmanship and the years of play they provide.

And another bonus for busy parents is that wood does not require major cleaning or disinfecting.

Wood develops a natural patina over time which deepens the character and is part of the toy's lifetime, becoming more beautiful with age and use.

Here's how to treat these special items with care.

Never Soak in Water

First of all, wood is super porous so cleaning your wood toys should never involve soaking them in water. This could cause the toys to warp and if not dried out completely, bacteria could form. 

Spritz and Air Dry

Instead, simply spritz toys that need to be cleaned with warm water or a damp cloth and then leave out to air dry. If you choose to do this in the sun, just be sure not to leave them out for too long in case the wood begins to fade or crack. 

Use Natural Cleaners

Be mindful of the fact that you wouldn't want to use any harsh cleaner on your child's toys that could accidentally end up in their mouths or on their skin. One formula we love to use on wooden toys involves a cup of warm water with a capful of white distilled vinegar in it. Shake, spritz, damp with a cloth and let dry. Or use an organic all-purpose cleaner of your choice.

Polish for Longterm Care

For the longterm care of your child's wood toys, using a beeswax-based polish is a great way to keep your toys looking new for years to come. This formula is one of our favorites and is made in Maine.

Don't worry about your wood toys showing some gentle wear and tear. After all, it's just a sign that your children love playing with them!

Have any other tips we should add? Chime in below!

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  • LInda Golonka

    Thank you so much for this article! We have some Plan Toys dollhouse furniture (purchased from you) and were not sure how to care for it…this is perfect. Will print out and keep with the box.

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