My Oompa Moments: Victoria Maier from Our Growing Storey

Victoria Gaddy Headshot

There are some Instagram feeds that feel so personal, it's almost like you're at the kitchen table with the family behind it. It's this blend of ease and charm that has made Victoria Gaddy of @ourgrowingstorey a favorite Mom of ours to follow. With her sweet Southern wit and cozy, vintage-inspired (and enviable) home in Louisiana where she lives with her four kids, Mira (age 10), Storey (age 5), Merritt (age 3), Arden (age 1).

We had a quick chat with Victoria about her favorite parts of the day, advice for future Moms and the one item in her home she can't live without.

What has been the best moment of your week?

Baking brownies with my girls and then eating them straight from the pan. Life is short so enjoy it. Make memories.

Tell us a funny moment (or two) that happened recently?

My kids would probably say it was when they hid their fake cockroach on my bed, making me scream! They actually hide it almost every day, and it never fails. I fall for it every single time! There's never a dull moment over here.

Our Growing Storey on Instagram

What is the best part of your day?

Nap time, coffee time, and bed time. Kidding! I homeschool our girls, so I enjoy when we take a break from our studies to play outside, enjoy the fresh air, and burn off a little energy.

Our Growing Storey with Grimm's Rainbow - Oompa Toys

Most popular toy currently on rotation at home?

The girls absolutely love playing with their Magnatiles (magnetic stacking blocks) and their wooden balance board! 


What is the one thing you can’t currently live without?

My new espresso machine from my husband. I run it at least twice a day. I'm a fan.

Victoria Gaddy Kitchen

What’s one piece of advice you would give to new parents?

Don't be afraid to ask for help! It's okay. It doesn't mean you are failing or falling short. Others actually want to help and you need time to step away and recharge your batteries, even if that means just getting the chance to wash your hair.

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