Your Ultimate Checklist for Finding Sustainable and Safe Toys

As parents we want to protect our children as best we can from anything that could harm them. What's surprising to many parents is that toys (yestoys!) also fall into the category of things a parent must be cautious about.

Over the past several years, the toy industry has made significant changes to the types of products that make it on mainstream shelves with regulations put in place by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

But it's still not a perfect science. It'd be wonderful if you could walk into any small toy store and pluck a toy off the shelves with assurance that it'd be safe for your child.

However, regulations in the United States are still not strict enough to track whether a toy from overseas has been manufactured using lead, BPA and PVC, which are all toxic chemicals still found in toys today.

Without panicking and tossing all the toys in your home to the curb, you can plan on being a more conscious consumer by shopping from brands you trust. Here at Oompa Toys we use a stringent set of guidelines and years of industry knowledge to vet the best in sustainable and organic toys. Any toy you buy here has already been quality-checked, so you can shop without having to worry about what might end up in the mouths of babes. 

The Friend Ship - Wooden Toy - Oompa Toys

What To Look For

The toys that are safest for children of all ages tick the following boxes:

  • For wooden toys, be sure they are made from sustainable or FSC certified hardwoods and finished with non-toxic, non-lacquer finishes. 
  • For wooden toys that are painted, be sure they use water-based stains or vegetable dyes or simply an organic oiled finish, like beeswax or jojoba.
  • Soft toys should be made from certified raw materials such as organic cottons, organic wool fill or a hypoallergenic polyfill made from recycled materials. Look for labels like GOTS certified to be sure you're buying truly organic toys.
  • We do not carry plastic toys here, but if you do choose a toy made from plastic, be sure it's not manufactured from PVC which is unsafe for baby to be around.

If you're ever unsure about a toy and have questions for us, our customer service team is always standing by. And when you're shopping in other stores, don't be afraid to ask questions about what a certain certification might mean or if you want clarify about what a toy is made from.  

We hope you'll find your child's next favorite organic or wooden toy from us! Happy playing!

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