Our Favorite Toys for Two-Year-Olds

The Best Toys for Two Year-Olds | Oompa Toys
There’s truly nothing terrible about turning two - for your toddler or for you! This is an age where personalities begin to make an appearance. Parents realize they’re picking up on things quite quickly (sometimes by way of an embarrassing moment or two!)

As a child turns two, curiosity about everything continues to grow, so continue to nurture whatever they are fascinated with at the moment, whether it’s an outdoor garden or building their own architectural marvels.

Things That Go!
Welcome to the rough-and-tumble years! If it zooms, flies, sails or races, your two-year-old will undoubtedly love it. We love gifting wooden cars and boats to wagons and bikes to this often precocious age group.
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Things That Cuddle!
A typical two year-old loves to snuggle up with something cozy and soft during a naptime, bedtime or anytime in between. Many children at this age happily hunker under the covers at bedtime if they have a furry friend you can tuck in with them.
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Things That Make Noise!
At Oompa, we don’t believe you need electronics or flashing lights to engage a child. But we do know that young children love to make noise, whether it’s with a wooden drum, flute, bells or a CD of music they can dance around the living room to.
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Things That Inspire!
Encourage young minds to dream it and build it. Wooden blocks in varied shapes and colors or alphabet sets inspire toddlers to build or make their own pretend towns or landscapes. It’s also an age where it’s still just as fun to build a tower as it is to knock it down.
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Shop our full collection of gifts for two year-olds! What are your favorite gifts for two year-olds? We’d love to hear!

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