Earth Day Paper Globes

Happy Earth Day! We love celebrating this historic day with our children to help them become stewards of our great planet. 

This simple craft is a wonderful way to engage your children in creativity while discussing our world with them.

Join us in helping raise the next generation of environmentalists today and every day.

Materials You'll Need

  • 3-4 pieces of green and blue tissue paper
  • One balloon
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup water
  • A chunky paint brush
  • String
Reuse tissue Recyled arts and crafts paper mache globe for Earth Day

Prepare Your Paste and Paper

Simple paper mache paste for recycled Earth Day project

Combine 1 part flour with 1 part water. Thoroughly mix until there are no lumps. 1/4 cup of each should be enough to complete two globes, but add more water if your paste is too thick.Reuse tissue paper for recycled Earth Day crafts paper mache

Rip one piece of your base color into thick strips, roughly 3-4 inches wide. Blow up your balloon to the size you want. Use a mug to hold your globe in place while you work.

Recycled Earth Day craft paper mache globe eco-friendly art project

Use your chunky paintbrush to coat the back of your tissue paper strips. Apply a light layer to avoid from overloading or ripping your tissue paper.

Recycled tissue paper Earth Day globe, eco-friendly art projects

Place your paper, glue side down, onto your balloon. Allow the form to fold and create a natural texture.

Paper mache globe for Earth Day sustainable craft projects

Repeat this step, covering your whole globe in your base color.

recycled tissue paper crafts Earth Day globe

Rip the remaining paper into 1-inch strips and use them to create a second and third layer of crinkled paper. We let our globe dry overnight after this step to ensure our base was sturdy enough, but you may skip this and continue to the next step.

recycled tissue paper crafts Earth Day globe

Rip your contrasting color into thin strips and scrunch them up. Apply the paste directly to your base and stick these strips onto the globe to create the water.

recycled tissue paper crafts Earth Day globe

Use paste along the edges to make sure they are firmly adhered and leave to dry. 
recycled tissue paper crafts Earth Day globe

When fully dry, pull the small piece of the balloon out and cut a hole into it. Allow the balloon to deflate and carefully pull it out of the opening. Cut two small holes near the opening at the top of your globe.

Use string to hang your globes around the house or out in the garden for your Earth Day celebration!

Earth Day paper mache globe sustainable eco-friendly art project for kids



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