Dive Into Purposeful Play With Rose & Rex

At Oompa Toys, our mission has always been to provide high-quality toys that encourage meaningful play and last for generations. These basic tenets are core to who we are as a brand and align perfectly with one of our favorite brands, Rose & RexIn their own words:

"Childhood is a time of wonder. Young children radiate curiosity that's waiting to be nurtured."

We are excited to partner with their talented team to bring new, thoughtfully curated toys and their playful parenting resources to Oompa. Some of our favorite courses and online guides are featured below. 

Connect Through Thoughtful Play

Block Play

The Rose & Rex Guide to Block Play makes block play meaningful as well as educational. Blocks are such an integral part of child development and are essential to building skills like mathematical thinking, literacy and resilience through play. The guide provides so much at home learning through joy and meaningful play. 

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Baby Play Basics

Rose & Rex likes to say "Play is All We Need" and we could not agree more!  Especially in the time of Pandemic parenting, they have created these on demand classes to help parents and caregivers with every aspect of their child's development--all through the power of play. These classes provide meaningful learning experiences that enrich the bond you have with you baby while still checking every developmental box.

Baby Play Basics at Oompa Toys

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Enhancing Family Connection Through Play

When faced with a challenging day, shared play experiences can shift the energy to be more positive and connected. Play offers a way to surf the highs and lows, and a gives parents and their children a tool for reconnection after a hectic day spent apart. Lauren offers her bestselling Guide to Positive Language Strategies, an on-demand class to fit in with any parents busy schedule and full of meaningful play experiences for the whole family. 

The Calm Mind Kit

The Calm Mind Kit is the perfect little bundle to promote growing children's social and emotional development. These vital tools support connected and authentic well-being through breathing exercises, movement, meditation and wellness. Each kit contains three mindful toys and a deck of Calm Mind Activity Cards. Created by childhood development experts and filled with loving care. 

Calm Mind Kit at Oompa Toys

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We are excited to continue partnering with Rose + Rex as we bring you new content, exciting giveaways and more. We hope you'll enjoy their awesome parenting resources and wonderfully curated toys they've contributed to our selection at Oompa. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more exciting play and adventure!

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