7 Toys Your Child Will Never Outgrow

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At Oompa Toys, if it isn't sustainable, it isn't carried here. But sustainability also extends to the home. We believe that the best open-ended toys that encourage the imagination can be played with from ages 10 months to 10 years-old.

Here are our favorite long-lasting toys to bring into your home.

Ball Tracks
Watching the balls race down the tracks is an exhilarating experience for young toddlers as they begin to learn about cause and effect. Our First Ball Track has larger marbles so children as young as 18 months can begin playing with it. And as your child ages, this track can be used in tandem with out track styles from Haba so their course can go from simple to sophisticated over time.

Hazel Village Doll
Whether you fall for Nell or Max, these Brooklyn-born pals are the perfect dolls to encourage imaginative play from an early age. But they're cool kids too and perfectly reasonable for kids to take with them on adventures for years to come. Hazel Village releases outfits too, so as your kiddos outgrow their clothes, their dolls can get an upgrade over the years too.

Hazel Village Dolls - Oompa Toys

Play Food
Toddlers start to want to copy Mom and Dad at a young age and play food is one of the ways they mimic their parents. As kids grow, so does their imagination. What was once a simple play tomato is now sitting centerstage in their very own restaurant. Open-ended toys like play food simply don't have an expiration date when it comes to play.

Wishbone 3-in-1 Wagon
The folks at Wishbone wanted to design a wagon that could work for kids throughout their childhood. This wagon can be pushed, pulled or stowed. It even has a removable floor if kids want to have some foot-to-floor fun. Go from carting your little one in it on walks to letting her cart her own toys and dolls around the yard. 

Wooden Blocks
What may seem like a simple gift will undoubtably be the most used toy in your home—guaranteed. We recommend buying a large assorted set from the start, so your child can start building their own cities and landscapes from an early age. Using blocks lets children stretch their imagination, helps them work on fine motor skills and even establishes cooperative efforts with their siblings and friends. One of our favorite sets is this Block Set from Kapla which is made from untreated wood harvested from a renewable forest in France.

Art Easel
From finger painting as a toddler to finding their favorite medium as an older kid, an art easel is a fixture for raising creative kids. Choose one that has multiple surface options, like a chalkboard on one side and a marker board on the reverse.  

Musical Instruments
Even a beginner set of Shaking Eggs can go from being a way to discover rhythm to being an actual percussionist in a living room band. It's never too early to introduce music into a child's life and the sooner, the better! A play drum or xylophone are equally great picks for a lifetime of tunes.


What toys have lasted the longest in your home? Please share your favorites!

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