Sarah's Silks produces a variety of play silks in a rainbow of colors, as well as kids costumes and dress-ups, and silk toys to nourish a chid's senses and encourage endless hours of creative, open-ended play.

Play Silks are simple squares of of colorful silk that can be used for anything from capes and costumes to building forts and hosting puppet shows. They are light, airy, but surprisingly sturdy, perfect for active play.

A simple play silk can become a king's cape, a queen's cloak, fairy wings, a mermaid's tail, a pirate's head scarf or sash, and much more!

Our Mini Play Silks are perfect for babies and toddlers, who also enjoy playing with silks. It is easy for baby to shake into the air and light enough to place over her head to play peek-a-boo with Mama or Daddy. A baby's visual sense is nourished by the bright colors. 

Sarah Lee, founder of Sarah's silks, was born and raised in Belfast, Maine. Her childhood was filled with enchanted and imaginary play on the coast of Maine. As a young adult, she joined the Peace Corps and traveled to Guatemala. There, Sarah met her life partner, Mike, and her business partner, Dwight. With the birth of her first son, the family moved to Northern California, where Sarah's Silks is operates.

Making Sarah's Silks 

Mike traveled to China and found a small community which has been sewing and dying silks for years. Sarah's Silks employs this small village community to produce their silks, and the safety of the workers and the quality of their products are closely monitored by the company.

The silks are dyed with non-toxic, child-safe dyes, and all Sarah's Silks products have been tested by an independent lab to meet both USA and EU safety certifications.


Sarah's Silks are Wonderful for:

Has your family had experience with play silks? What other ways can you imagine your child playing with them? Please share your comments!

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