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The Wonders and Benefits of Puppet Play

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Susan Simmons | 0 comments




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We love puppets here at Oompa!

They are full of wonder, creativity and excitement! Everyone (parent and child) will have a fun, educational and enjoyable experience with all of the different types of puppets we carry. 

                                                    Puppet Play!

Supports language development ~ Kids can play and learn:
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Speaking in rhyme
  • Range of emotions (joy, sadness, love, surprise, fear, amazement)
  • Gaining confidence in speaking and reading out loud


      Thinking and Creativity skills ~ Kids can invent:

      • Story lines
      • Brand new characters
      • Props, backgrounds, and scenery 

      Motor skills ~ Kids will use their hands and improve on:

      • Hand eye coordination 
      • Encourages hand moment
      • gross and fine motor skills

      Learning etiquette ~ Kids can have puppets:

      • Walk in front of each other, "Excuse me." 
      • Ask for something, "Please?"
      • Receive something, "Thank you."

      Social and Behavioral development ~ Kids will have the opportunity to:

      • Interact with other puppets.
      • Interact with adults and children from the audience.
      • Give support to a fellow puppet or another child, without the shyness of speaking directly.

       We hope you enjoy making personable characters, composing songs, and spending time creating a puppet theater!


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