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We are big fans of puppets here at Oompa!

Puppets inspire wonder, creativity and excitement! Children and parents will enjoy fun and magical experiences together with the different types of puppets available at Oompa Toys. 

Puppet Play Encourages:

  • Language Development
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Speaking in Rhyme
  • Exploring Emotions
  • Building Confidence in Speaking and Reading Aloud

 Thinking and Creativity Skills - Kids Can Invent:

  • Storylines
  • New Characters
  • Props, Backgrounds, and Scenery 

Develops Motor Skills:

  • Eye-hand Coordination 
  • Encourages Hand Moment
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Learning Etiquette ~ Kids Can Have Puppets:

  • Walk in front of each other, "Excuse me." 
  • Ask for something, "Please?"
  • Receive something, "Thank you."

Social and Behavioral Development

Social skills are developed as kids:

  • Interact with other puppets
  • Interact with adults and children from the audience
  • Cooperate with fellow puppeteers
  • Communicate through a puppet without the shyness of speaking directly

So encourage your child to play with puppets, and enjoy watching them create personable characters, compose songs, and creating a puppet theater!

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