Enchanted Play Silks

$18.50 USD

Our Enchanted Play Silks by Sarah's Silks encourage endless hours of creative, open-ended play. Children adore using play silks to create scenes with wooden animals and dolls, for dress-up play, for puppet shows... the possibilities are unlimited. Adults may wonder how to play with these, but children know exactly what to do! They easily transf...
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Silk Streamers

$11.95 USD

Our Silk Streamers by Sarah's Silks feature nine feet of shimmering silk attached to a wooden wand with a decorative bead. Available in three styles, this bestseller is a fun pretend play toy that is great for casting spells, waving in the wind, writing letters in the air, dancing, and more. Please select style above when adding to cart! R...
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$49.95 USD

Our beautiful Silkscapes by Sarah's Silks are generously sized and ideal for creating hideaways, puppet theaters, building forts, making a backdrop for a play, making a canopy over a bed, designing a costume, and more! While large swaths of silk fabric may not seem like playthings to adults, play silks are classic Waldorf toys that encourage ...
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