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Ball Track Whirlwind

Watch out for our Ball Track Whirlwind by HABA!

This spiraling funnel lends action and suspense to your child's ball track by making marbles spin round and round the yellow dish until they finally reach the hole at the center.

A perfect addition to the HABA Ball Track Construction Set, this set comes equipped with 2 ordinary tracks, 4 pillars to support the whirlwind, and 6 additional marbles.

  • Recommended for children 3 years and older
  • Integrates with our Ball Track Construction Marble Run Set
  • Includes 1 whirlwind, 2 tracks, 4 round pillars, 2 rectangles, and 6 marbles
  • Made of untreated beech wood
  • Lovingly designed in Germany by our talented friends at HABA
  • Made in Germany

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