Plan Toys

Plan Toys creates innovative educational toys for every developmental  stage of childhood. Plan Toys incorporates thoughtful design and  age-appropriate challenges to stimulate children's creativity, encourage healthy social interaction, promote natural learning and  instill a sense of wonder.  Environmentally sustainable, Plan Toys products are made from non-chemically  treated rubber wood and proprietary PlanWood in Thailand.


Mushroom Kaleidoscope
Mushroom Kaleidoscope $4.95 USD
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Plan Toys Beehives
Beehives $24.95 USD
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Plan Toys Tie-Up Shoe
Tie-Up Shoe $9.95 USD
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Animal Memo
Animal Memo $24.95 USD
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Plan Toys Stacking Tree
Stacking Tree $19.95 USD
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Plan Toys Lacing Sheep
Lacing Sheep $19.95 USD
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