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Sort & Count

Introduce your child to sorting and counting with this charming abacus-like toy. Four rods of varying heights each hold one to four balls, which can be removed from the rods and replaced in any order. Each of the rods is bendable at its base for added safety. Sort & Count is an ideal toy for adults and children to play with together, introducing infants to basic colors, numbers, and sorting principles. Plan Toys is an incredible company with a dedication to environmental and social responsibility. This toy was made from PlanWood, an environmentally friendly initiative by Plan Toys in which reclaimed wood chips from the production process are used to create a high-density composite wood. Add a little organic colorant and Plan Toys has now created their most environmentally friendly toy line to date! And the best part? PlanWood is dishwasher-safe!

  • Recommended For Toddlers 18 Months And Older
  • Measures 10.2 x 2.2 7.4 Inches
  • Designed In Thailand By The Wonderful Folks At Plan Toys
  • Made in Thailand

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