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The Oompa Story

Children see the world differently. Where we see a muddy puddle, they see an ocean waiting to be traversed. A backyard stick to us becomes a magic wand to them. And that pile of rocks? It’s actually a secret cave for fairies.

It’s this commitment to imaginative play that inspires every thing we do here at Oompa. We believe that fostering children’s relationships to nature and to the world around them is important. Our mission is to keep this planet of theirs protected so that generations of future puddle jumpers can continue to look at it with wonder.

Oompa is the first online retailer to sell only organic and sustainably produced wooden toys and products for children.

We carry toys that have a positive impact on our children and the planet.


We want to change how toys are produced around the world. Ethically made toys that are free of harmful substances shouldn’t be hard to find.

Despite having being banned in the U.S. for more than four decades, toxic lead continues to be found in paint used on toys that babies and toddlers put in their mouths. Virtually all plastic toys contain hormone-disrupting PBDEs—many of which are banned in the U.S. but still allowed in imported toys. Cheap toys that break the day after Christmas (and end up in landfills) are often made by workers paid so little that they must toil seven days a week just to buy food.

And how toys are made is equally important to us. All the manufacturers we work with have been carefully vetted to make sure their workers are paid a fair and living wage; many are small companies that employ skilled artisans who live healthy, happy and productive lives.


As parents we all have the same worries. That’s why Oompa is the first online retailer to sell only organic and sustainably produced wooden toys and products for children.

All of our soft toys [link to this category]–from adorable teddy bears to cuddly dolls and cotton teething rings–are made from certified organic materials.

All of our wooden toys [link to this category]–from building blocks to dollhouses–are made from sustainable forest products, and finished only with natural oils or safe, water-based coatings.

We sell no plastic toys, ever. 


If you are a parent or grandparent looking for safe and ethically-made toys, you can feel good shopping at Oompa knowing that every product for sale on our site is either organic or made from sustainably-harvested wood.

If you need help finding the perfect toy, we’d love to help. Oompa staffers are real people here in Maine, and are parents ourselves. We know and love all the toys we offer, and we’re just a phone call away! (Or click to chat live with one of us.)

Safe for your child. Gentle to the environment. Fair to workers. Meeting those standards is our passion at Oompa.


Children have been my life’s work, and promoting healthy play is my passion. I travel the world seeking the safest toys from companies that care about the environment and their workers.

I am the mother of two grown boys, an early childhood educator and an author with more than a decade of experience in the natural toy business. If a toy doesn’t meet my high standards for safety and play value, you won’t find it at Oompa.

I love hearing from our customers. Whether it’s an email, phone call or Instagram comment, thank you for trusting us to bring imaginative play into your home.

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