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Play Points are earned by creating an account, purchasing our products online, and writing a review. You will earn Play Points for every $1 spent on products (tax & shipping excluded). The number of points you earn varies according to which VIP tier you are in. See details above.

You will also occasionally receive email invitations to earn 20 points by reviewing products you have purchased.

Our Customer Care staff can not access Play Points accounts when taking orders over the phone. Play Points can only be earned and redeemed when making a purchase online.

Play Points earned by placing an order will post to your account when your order has been shipped. If items in your order are shipping from multiple warehouses with different delivery times, the Play Points will be posted when the final shipment is processed and all items are shipped. Play Points earned by other earning actions will post immediately (see “Ways to Earn Play Points” above for details).

Reminder: Place your order using the email address associated with your Play Points account for Play Points to be posted to your account. Orders placed with a different email address will not earn points. Play Points are non-transferrable.

Three weeks after you place an order with us, you will receive an email invitation to earn points by leaving a review on your purchase. To earn Play Points for your review, you must leave your review through the form embedded in the email invitation. This is the only way you can receive Play Points for reviews.

Play Points cannot be combined with any discount codes. If you have a valid discount code, you’ll have to choose to apply the discount code OR your Play Points at checkout. you cannot apply both.

To receive Free Shipping within the 48 contiguous USA, your order sub-total must be $99+ AFTER any discounts including Play Points have been applied.

When you are logged in to your account, your up-to-date balance is always displayed at the top of every page our website. In addition, you can check your balance on this page. You can also click the REWARDS HISTORY button for details.

Your Play Points balance will remain active if you have placed an order within the past 6 months. Each time you place an order, the expiration date of your entire Play Points balance will be extended for another 6 months. Your Play Points will expire after 6 months of inactivity. For a purchase to qualify, it must be made using the email address associated with your account. Play Points are non-transferable.

We occasionally offer Double Play Points Days when everyone earns 2 Play Points for every $1 spent, including Seedling, Blossom, and Meadow tiers. You must have an account prior to before placing an order to earn Play Points on your purchase.

If a full refund is issued, the Play Points you redeemed to make the purchase will be returned to your account, and the Play Points earned on that purchase will be deducted from your account.

For example: Quinn has 200 Play oints, purchases a $100 Block Set, and uses 200 Play Points for a $10 discount. Quinn pays $90 after applying his $10 discount and earns 90 Play Points. Quinn now has 90 Play Points.

When the blocks are returned, Quinn receives a $90 refund and the 200 Play Points he redeemed to place the order are returned to his account. The 90 newly earned Play Points are removed since the order was returned. Quinn is back to 200 Play Points.

Different rules apply for partially refunded orders.

Gift cards are exempt from the Play Points program. The purchase or usage of a gift card will not earn you Play Points. If you are using a gift card in conjunction with payment, you will only earn Play Points on the amount you spent after the gift card has been applied. A gift card and Play Points can be stacked to use as payment towards a purchase.

Currently, Play Points are earned and we do not offer you the ability to buy more.

From time to time, you'll receive program-related emails from us. You can opt-out at any time by clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the next email you receive.

Play Points Rewards is an online, points-based program where users with registered accounts may earn points by purchasing merchandise on oompa.com.

Points accrued are non-transferable to other users or accounts and have no cash or monetary value. Accounts are non-transferable and purchases must be made by the account holder.

Points are never redeemable for cash, and Play Points cannot be used towards the purchase of e-gift cards.

The Play Points Rewards Program may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of Oompa. Any change to Play Points Rewards or these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the oompa.com website.

Oompa reserves the right to change, limit, modify or terminate the Play Points Rewards Program (including the Terms and Conditions) for any reason or no reason, at any time, with or without notice.

Oompa reserves the right to deactivate any registered account and to audit any membership account at any time if there is suspected abuse of the program. For example; failure to follow terms, illegal activity, fraud, misrepresentation or any unauthorized use of Star Coins rewards. The misuse of points, cards, credits, vouchers, coupons and/or certificates may result in the deactivation of a membership and account.

Oompa reserves the right to exclude individuals from Play Points Rewards at its sole discretion. Any misrepresentation or any conduct detrimental to the interests of Oompa may result in account deactivation and revocation of Play Points. This will affect eligibility for further participation.

In addition, all Play Points and rewards will automatically expire if an account is terminated or otherwise cancelled for reasons outlined above or otherwise.